Partner Spotlight


Many companies create custom software and mobile applications. Few do it as well as Intelliware. In part, that's because of the way they approach each new challenge. They use Agile-based methodologies and cutting-edge technology to deliver on time and on budget, and in the process, set new standards for the way software is built.

Take the roadmap they created to speed up time-to-market for BlackBerry® 10 apps. Partnering with Loblaw Inc., Intelliware used this groundbreaking approach to successfully develop, test and deliver the President's Choice™ Recipe Box app for BlackBerry 10 devices in just four weeks. The interactive mobile tool gives consumers access to thousands of PC-brand recipes, nutritional content, shopping lists, and sharing features like BBM™.

Loblaw's investment has paid off quickly – the company has an inexpensive, direct channel of communication with its customers, and can update the app's contents quickly and easily to deliver even more value. Reviews from users and industry experts are glowing and download rates are high.

Accomplishments like this have earned Intelliware respect from peers and clients around the world over the 20 years it's been in operation. The company was recently recognized as one of the top five mobile developers in Canada in the Branham Group's annual ranking of Information Technology businesses.

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