Partner Spotlight


The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance, GEMA, is the leading provider of Global Managed Mobility Services. Multi-national organizations today are looking for transparent and seamless services for the deployment, support, and management of their mobile workforce. GEMA's core offerings of Assist, Deploy Command, and Advise enable organizations to scale globally while receiving local in-country support where they operate around the world.

GEMA's founding members are leading Managed Mobility Services providers in their own markets and include the following:

  • Emitac Mobile Solutions, LLC (EMS) (Middle East, Africa, CIS, and Eastern Europe)
  • Nation Sky (Greater China)
  • MSC Mobility Pty Ltd (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Mobi All Technologia S.A. (known as Navita) (Latin America)
  • SCHIFFL GmbH & Co. KG (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Vox Mobile Inc. (US and Canada)

Additional GEMA members in Europe, Asia, and Latin America will increase the scope and diversity of the Alliance in the coming months.

GEMA members provide mobile device management solutions (MDM) from the leading providers including the recently launched BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. GEMA's Advice, Assist, Deploy, and Command products support all major smartphone and tablet platforms around the world in dozens of languages.

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