Frequently Asked Questions

BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise

Q: Which partners is this program designed to support?
Q: Can customers sign up to access technical resources?
Q: Is there a cost for this program?
Q: What is difference between the BlackBerry Alliance Program and BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise?
Q: As a BlackBerry Alliance member under a valid Master Alliance Agreement, will I be able to access program benefits?
Q: Why do I have to register again; can I use my current ID and Password to access this program?
Q: Is the BlackBerry Alliance Program terminated?
Q: Is my BlackBerry Master Alliance Agreement (MAA) contract terminated?
Q: What happens when my MAA expires – can I renew it?
Q: Can I still use the Alliance member logo?
Q: Are the Not For Resale (NFR) software and device loaner programs still available?

RIM support

Q: How do software developers building consumer solutions get support?
Q: What happens to the joint marketing funding?
Q: How can I get in contact with in country RIM contacts to support go-to-market for my product/solutions?


Q: How can I get a DevAlpha device?
Q: How do I get devices?


Q: How can I access training?


Q: How can I get access to enterprise software developer tools/support and support for enterprise services delivery?