BlackBerry 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Application Development and Deployment

Q: What development options do I have for BlackBerry 10?
Q: I've built a BlackBerry OS application using the BlackBerry Java SDK. Will that application work on BlackBerry 10?
Q: How do I configure my application to gain access to behind the firewall application and web servers?
Q: How can my applications be deployed to BlackBerry 10 smartphones?
Q: If my application is published through BlackBerry World for Work am I required to share a portion of my revenue with BlackBerry?
Q: Does my application need to be approved by BlackBerry prior to being published through BlackBerry World for Work?

Mobile Device Management

Q: Will the current BlackBerry Enterprise Server support BlackBerry 10 smartphones?
Q: Can I upgrade my existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server (v5) to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10?
Q: Will BlackBerry 10 devices managed by BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 have the same IT policies as BlackBerry devices on BlackBerry Enterprise Server has today?
Q: Can all BlackBerry device models be managed through one console?
Q: How do BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 fit in the BlackBerry architecture?

BlackBerry 10

Q: Is BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 required in order for a BlackBerry 10 smartphone to access ActiveSync capabilities?
Q: Will BlackBerry OS devices be upgradeable to BlackBerry 10?

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